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Soft vocals, heartfelt lyrics and a sultry, passionate melody are the essences of Sumeka's highly anticipated release of her new hit single, Shine"is on the move as "Beauty In Me" continues to touch and warm the hearts listeners.  These soulful songs are capable of leaving each individual in touch with their inner strength and feeling beautiful from the inside out as well as inspiring one to grab a hold of the courage they so desire to succeed in life. "Beauty In Me"  and "Shine" are Powerful expressions that are sure to capture your hearts.  "Beauty In Me" crafts a tightly produced, hook-laden R&B single appealing to indie, jazz and pop fans alike, while "Shine" captures that inner strength and Power to inspire. "Beauty In Me" is not what you think you see but, looking pass your vision and defining what really lies in me.  "Shine" Bright!
Beauty In Me (sample)
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